Your First Jump...

So you want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Here at Skydivingland, you must be under 230 lbs. and at least 18 years of age. The tandem jump involves less than an hour of training and is the quickest way to get up in the plane! Once we’re off the ground you’ll be attached to your Tandem Instructor who will be with you during the rest of your flight.

Since you will be attached to the from of you tandem master, you will have a full view of the scenery during the freefall.... and can even get a video so you can see for yourself what your reaction to freefall really was! And of course to be able to prove you dit it to all your friends! 

When you ready to jump, just give us a call!


Are you ready to skydive?

You’ve found the best place around to do it!

For the first time jumper we offer a Tandem Skydiving as the safest way for you to get into the sky! You must be at least 18 years of age and under 230 lbs. You’ll only need about five minutes of training before you’ll be attached to one of our trained and certified Tandem Instructors. We even have a special video/photo package option to allow you to take home a lasting memory! Call today and make your reservations, a non-refundable deposit that goes towards the skydive is required.

And skydiving isn’t a one man (or woman!) show, be sure to bring your friends and family to come watch you take the leap of a lifetime! We have a Huge Spectator Area so there is always room for everyone – and you never know, someone you bring might decide to join you in the sky! There is plenty for the whole family to watch and see! If jumping out of the plane isn’t your cup of tea – you can always take a Spectator Rides in the Aircraft! You’ll have the best view of your friend or family member as they get acquainted with freefall upclose and personal! One of the safest aspects is that we’re located on a Private Airport – no worries about any commercial air traffic here!

Why jump here? Because we’re the most friendly and safest in the Florida!

What makes the experience at Skydivingland so great? There are many reasons, but our staff,

and facilities are some of the best ones. We have state-of-the-art equipment and great people!

* We are regulated by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), a group which

regulates strict safety protocols for its member dropzones.

* We fly Cessna’s, one of the most reliable and safest skydiving aircraft ever made!

It has excellent safety characteristics and a spacious interior so you can bring a friend!

* We use state of the art equipment – Gear, aircraft, radios, and more!

* We operate out of a private airstrip and landing area – you don’t have to worry about

any commercial air traffic here!!

* We employ a highly qualified USPA-licensed staff. All our people are very friendly

and knowledgeable. All together, we have over forty-five years of experience!

* We have great facilities with a spacious, comfy spectator area – all your friends will

be able to watch you land. Feel free to bring a picnic and hang out for the day!

* We are conveniently located for Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville, Tampa, and all surrounding

areas. People drive from as far as Mississippi or Georgia just to jump with us!

* We have amazing facilities of Black Water. With the award winning

restaurant, full bar, swimming pool and stunning accommodations!

* JUMP FLORIDA SKYDIVING! is THE destination dropzone in Florida!

When you’re ready to jump, just give us a call at





9002 Paul Buchman Highway
Plant City, FL 33565
(888) 313-JUMP (5867)

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